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Most modern smartphones require installing specific software in order for you to manage their contents when you connect them to your PC. By means of these software suites, you get to: back up your smartphone, update its firmware, synchronise your contacts and calendar entries, browse and transfer files, and sometimes even install apps.

This set of applications covers all of the major current smartphone manufacturers: Apple, Sony, HTC, Samsung, RIM, Nokia, and Motorola. They allow you to work with smartphones running Blackberry OS, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Smartphone Tools Suite download selection by Jørgen Walters. April 09, 2015

  1. Kies
    Kies Download
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    (437 votes)

    Kies is a media library designed for Samsung products.

    ...is compatible with MP3 players, smartphones tablets, and more. It also...

  2. BlackBerry Desktop Manager
    BlackBerry Desktop Manager Download
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    (1056 votes)

    A desktop suite used to connect a Blackerrry device with a computer.

    ...world of smartphones is Blackberry ...excellent communication tools being more ...this software suite is "...

  3. Nokia Ovi Suite
    Nokia Ovi Suite Download
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    (528 votes)

    Ovi includes all of the PC suite functions and features.

    ...all of the PC suite functions and feature ...’re currently using PC Suite I would really recommend...

  4. iPhone Folders
    iPhone Folders Download
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    (7 votes)

    An easy-to-use application that helps manage your iPhone.

    iPhone Folders is a smart program that enables you to manage content from your iPhone. It comes as...

  5. ImTOO iPhone Transfer
    ImTOO iPhone Transfer Download
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    (1 votes)

    It can synchronize media contents between your computer and some Apple gadgets.

    As its name suggests, ImTOO iPhone Transfer is specifically intended to synchronize media contents...

  6. HTC Sync Manager
    HTC Sync Manager Download
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    (35 votes)

    You can sync all of your media to and from your PC with your HTC phone.

    HTC Sync Manager is a free application for your computer that makes it easy to sync all of your...

  7. Sony PC Companion
    Sony PC Companion
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    (152 votes)

    A collection of tools and applications for your Xperia device.

    ...a collection of tools and applications you ...contains Xperia Transfer, a tool for moving content from...

    Latest Comments:

    Kacper Piotrowicz This is a very good application :D

    Guest #38212257 I love it, so easy to be used, great interface. And yeah, it does make sense.

  8. Motorola Phone Tools
    Motorola Phone Tools Download
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    (214 votes)

    Motorola Phone Tools is used for working with Motorola mobile phones.

    ...program Mobile Phone Tools has full integration ...and video-correcting tools for an individualization...